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Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Parent Reviews

Parent Reviews

"I knew almost immediately that I wanted our oldest son at Bambini Village Montessori after talking with the directress, Reanna Sarieh, over the phone. Reanna put me in contact with another parent so that we could arrange carpooling. (Of course you know that we turned out to be a star crossed friendship!! We are so grateful to know the Hollquists!!) When I toured Bambini Village during school hours, another parent stopped me on the way in and told me that I will love everything about my child's experience there. I was in awe of the behavioral control and sustained interest each child had. At first, I wasn't sure about my child's progression because there are no work sheets or daily progress reports. The difference was seen in my child's sustained attention in play, the different ways that he played and the confidence that he was so clearly growing. It is very clear that Mrs. Sarieh and Mrs. Oetjen love and respect each child. I've referred to them as 'the child whisperers'. After touring their new facilities, visiting with the teachers and hearing their plans for next year, there is no other place we want our child to be educated." -- Tracey Grandmaison, School Psychologist             

"Sending our daughter to Bambini Village has been a crucial and incredibly formative part of our daughter's journey as a learner.  She has responded beautifully to learning in an environment where love and respect are consistent and foundational.  We have seen her develop and blossom into the kind of student and learner we always knew she could be.  I cannot recommend this school and its teachers enough.  They have enriched our daughter's, and therefore our lives, in a profound way."

Tanya Gilmore 

"Being new to Tennessee two years ago and having a young child my efforts to find a school, that I felt would have my son's best interests in mind and that would challenge him, were fruitless until I met Mrs. Sarieh and Mrs. Oetjen at Bambini Village Montessori. We started my 4 year old in a school that touted a great curriculum and wonderful atmosphere. What we got was far from what we expected. He was learning nothing really and was basically at play or napping during the 6 hours he was there. After two months we began looking for a better place. My husband found and researched Bambini Village. When we meet with Mrs. Sarieh and she and Mrs. Oetjen interviewed our child we knew this was the place for him. Our son has had some challenges, as many children do; however, the staff at Bambini Village are caring, loving and patient. Over the last several years of his attendance, our son has grown intellectually and socially. We thank Bambini Village for all of the love and support. We are so glad we found you."

Atrium Mahler

"Our son has  been attending Bambini Village Montessori since he was 3 years old, and is now attending Kindergarten there.  When he first started he was upset when Saturday came because he couldn’t go to preschool.  We appreciate the fact that he is able to work and learn at a pace that is consistent with his abilities and learning style. Reanna has created a warm and safe environment where each student can be their unique self, but also feel included in all aspects of their daily activities.  Some of the things he has learned while attending Bambini Village Montessori have been truly remarkable."

Anna and Jody Chambley

"I believe Reanna Sarieh was instrumental in fostering my daughter's love of learning and making her the successful student she is today. Thank you."

Susan Gaither

"Every day at Bambini Village Montessori was valuable...we feel that if one can provide a Montessori education for their child, one should! Reanna Sarieh provided our child with the best academic and social environment we could ever hope for. We are indebted to her!"

Tarah Troost

"I checked out quite a few preschools before finding Bambini Village Montessori. Bambini was the only one that I felt comfortable sending my “baby” to. Our little girl started going to Bambini Village when she was 3 years old. She is now a Kindergartner and the growth we have seen is amazing. You can see that Mrs. Sarieh and all her teachers truly love, respect and care about all of the children. Each child is treated like a little person, not just a child who can’t do something because they are little. Our daughter at the age of 5 can do daily life things that some of her older cousins aren't even allowed to try. We cannot recommend Bambini Village Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten highly enough! Each morning she wakes up and asks if she gets to go to school that day."

Kimberly Stanford